Dataset from COMPOSE Survey (2017)


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Peat, G, Walker-Bone, K, Cooper, C, Coggon, D, Smedley, J, Macfarlane, G, Jones, G, Wynne-Jones, G, Madan, I, Fear, N, Payne, K, Verstappen, K, Hammond, A, Prior, Y, Goodson, J, Holland, P, Wainwright, E, Goodson, N, Moots, R and Bevan, S (2021) Dataset from COMPOSE Survey (2017).
COMPOSE dataset is simply the pooling of cross-sectional survey data from PRELIM Pilot, PRELIM Main, and HILL. The following meta-data files are available from this record: Participant flow; Data dictionary. The individual de-identified data of questionnaire responses from the cross-sectional survey are not uploaded onto the Keele Research Data Repository but are available on request ( in accordance with Keele’s data sharing policy. There is no access to the EHR data.
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