COVIDiSTRESS global survey : round II

Vestergren, Sara, Cakal, Huseyin, Yamada, Yuki, Ćepulić, Dominik-Borna, Coll-Martín, Tao, Debove, Stéphane, Gautreau, Guillaume, Han, Hyemin, Rasmussen, Jesper, Tran, Thao P., Travaglino, Giovanni A., Global Survey Consortium, COVIDiSTRESS and Lieberoth, Andreas (2022) COVIDiSTRESS global survey : round II.
The COVIDiSTRESS Survey ( was one of the largest studies regarding the global impact of COVID-19 during the initial months of the 2020 pandemic (Lieberoth et al. 2021; Yamada et al. 2021). The survey was translated into 47 languages and administered in 179 countries and generated a rich dataset that has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of the global effects of the pandemic (Lieberoth et al. 2021; Yamada et al. 2021). This survey is an extension of the COVIDiSTRESS consortium project to assess the global impact of COVID-19 approximately one year after the initial survey. It is our goal to address questions that were left unanswered in the initial study and include countries that were not assessed.
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