CPRD Medical and Product Codes and ICD-10 Codes


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Roddy, Edward, Bajpal, Ram, Forrester, Harry, Partington, Richard, Mallen, Christian D, Clarson, Lorna, Padmanabhan, Nishita, Whittle, Rebecca and Muller, Sara N (2023) CPRD Medical and Product Codes and ICD-10 Codes.
These files contain the lists of CPRD medical and product codes and ICD-10 codes (used in HES APC data) used to define all variables in the paper “Safety of colchicine and NSAID prophylaxis when initiating urate-lowering therapy for gout: propensity score-matched cohort studies in the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink“ by Roddy et al, in press as of 2 March 2023. Code lists are different for the two CPRD datasets GOLD and Aurum and the correct code list must be used in each.
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