PRELIM Survey (2017)


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Wilkie, Ross, Yu, Dahai, Jordan, Kelvin, Peat, G, Protheroe, Jo, Jinks, Clare, Dunn, Kate, Mamas, Mamas, Blackburn, Steven, Dent, Stephen, Judge, Andrew, Prieto-Alhambra, Daniel, Silman, Alan and Walker-Bone, Karen (2020) PRELIM Survey (2017).
These data were produced by the PRELIM project, funded by Arthritis Research UK/Versus Arthritis. The dataset comprises individual patient data, de-identified, from respondents to a cross-sectional survey of health and care undertaken in 11 general practices in 2017 and sampling two overlapping groups: (i) patients aged 35+ years who consulted for a selected common musculoskeletal condition in the previous 12 months, (ii) a random sample of the registered population (irrespective of consultation) aged 35+ years.
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